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Client Profitabilty for Insurance Brokers

Timebox is aimed specifically at helping you to increase income from your clients, to support negotiations, transparency and to enable you to track and improve client profitability.

How does Timebox work?

Timebox combines simplicity of use with powerful management and analytical capabilities. This means you can identify precisely where time is being spent and by whom; which accounts currently generate the most profit and exactly how much time and money is spent servicing each client. By providing this accurate, real-time information about the time spent servicing your clients, it gives you:

  • Client Profitability Analysis
  • Client activity breakdown
  • Financial Analysis across your entire organisation
  • Account Executive – Client Management Dashboard
  • Productivity Analysis


Who can Benefit from Timebox?

Timebox is designed specifically for Insurance Brokers and I.F.A’s. It provides powerful information for Account Managers, Risk Management Advisors, Claims Executives and Independent Financial Advisors(I.F.A’s). Timebox is currently being used internationally in:

  • Commercial Broking
  • Employee Benefits
  • IFA’s
  • Accounting
  • Consultancy

How is Timebox installed?

Timebox is delivered over the web in the same way as Internet Banking. This means that there are NO up-front capital costs – just a “per-user” monthly charge which covers your use of the system, initial training, upgrades and technical support. This flexible costing structure expands with your company leaving you free to concentrate on running your business successfully and maximising its profitability, whilst providing you with real time management information for your business.

We couldn’t run our business without Timebox. As well as analysing client profitability it also allows us to analyse product and insurer profitability – all of which allow us to make key decisions based on accurate data rather than ill-judged gut feelings. Timebox is an absolutely essential tool if a brokerage is serious about surviving in a post commission world
Peter Robinson

Managing Director, Prizm Solutions

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