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 Timebox allows you to:

  • Determine the profitability of each of your Clients
  • Determine the level of activity on each Client account
  • View financial analysis across your entire organisation
  • View  Client management dashboard as an Account Executive
  • Analyse productivity across your entire organisation

We couldn’t run our business without Timebox…

Peter Robinson

Managing Director, Prizm Solutions

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Timebox is an absolutely essential tool if a brokerage is serious about surviving in a post commission world.

Client Retention

The clear and transparent reporting in Timebox helps you improve Client education and Client retention. Do your Clients undertand all the work you do for them?

Account Management

Motivate your Account Executives by giving them the information they need to track and manage Client Profitability and New Business growth

Timebox Mobile

The Timebox mobile App puts the power of Timebox in your pocket. Works on iOS, Android, Windows and even on your Computer!


Client Retention

Timebox will change your client retention forever. Help Clients appreciate the expertise and effort of your back office Team.

Staff Utilisation

Timebox will help you and your staff manage their time more efficiently – focussing on the right activities for their role.



Timebox gives you the information you need to communicate openly with Clients and Staff to help drive you business forward.


Timebox sets you apart as a professional Broker who understands that you can only manage what you measure. Welcome to Growth.

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Bridge Insurance
The timebox mobile app

Timebox Mobile

Timebox Mobile lets users record details of their activities when they are out of the office by using their phones. This is fully compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows phones and Tablets. The redesigned interface has been specifically optimised for small screens and includes features to enable you to record time faster and easier than ever before.

Using Timebox has allowed us to monitor the time spent on our key clients making sure that the service they receive from Kingsbridge matches and exceeds their expectations. It has been an important tool in gauging the internal fee structure and allocating costs effectively

Tony Bird

Director, Kingsbridge

Acturis Integration with Timebox

Acturis Integration

Timebox is fully integrated with Acturis to allow all your client and income information to automatically sync with Timebox.

Open GI Integration with Timebox

Open GI Integration

Timebox is fully integrated with the Open GI Infocentre module allowing all of your clients and income to automatically transfer from Open GI directly into Timebox.

Timebox Integration with Other Systems

Open Systems Integration

The Timebox web service API allows any policy management supplier to integrate with Timebox.


Account Management & the Timebox Dashboard

The Timebox Dashboard is just one example of how we work with our clients to develop enhancements and solutions to Timebox and ClaimControl. We worked with Richard Bartlett to put together a dashboard that would help users and account executives track they way in which they service clients; helping to improve the efficiency and the profitability of the business. This Dashboard is now available to all Timebox Brokers, contact us if you’d like to see a demonstration. This enhancement through the collective knowledge of our clients ensures Timebox will always respond to the changing needs of your business.

Track New Business Targets

More effective Time Management

Manage Client Profitability & Negotiations

Timebox dashboard
Timebox dashboard
Timebox dashboard

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